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Export X-Rays from Carestream Dental Imaging Software 6 to Sidexis 4

Hi there,


in 2017 I took over a small practice with 10 y. old IT including a CS7600 and Carestream Dental Imaging Software 6. Because I invested in a 3D/OPG from Sirona, I got the new Sidexis 4 installed.

In the beginning of 2022 I asked my technician to link the CS7600 with the new Sidexis 4 Software, instead of the old CSDI6. The main reason was, that CSDI6 isn't really compatible with Win10 and I didn't want to go with two softwares for x-rays for the future. So I decided to switch completely to the newer Sidexis 4.

My issue now is, that there are still tons of x-rays saved in the CSDI database and for medical, legal and forensic reason I will need to export all of those x-rays and import them in the patient's Sidexis database.

I asked my technician, and he made an offer from roughly $ 5-7k to do the transfer. The costs are that high, because he said, he'll need to export the x-rays manually, same to the import. There seems to be no software for the transfer.

Do you maybe have a hint for me, how it could be as easiest as possible to do the transfer?

If there's no simpler way, I will have to export all of the x-rays as jpg. and import them manually in sidexis... that's going to be a b*ttload full of work...


There must be a better way, no?


Thank you very much



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