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Community Manager

Getting Started in The Exchange Community

Welcome to The Exchange! Here is some help to get you started.

Registration For First-Time Visitors

1. Click Sign In and select the New User? Register Here option. 

2. Complete the registration and you will receive an email confirmation shortly after. After reviewing the confirmation email, navigate back to the community. 

3. Log in using your account username and password. 

4. Start participating in The Exchange Community!

Managing Your Profile

Click your avatar, located on the top-right, and select My Settings

  • We would love to learn more about you in the Biography field that is located under Personal Information (location, office name, specialty, Carestream Dental products you use, etc.).
  • You can update your avatar picture under the Avatar tab. 
  • To change how often you are notified for product boards or specific posts you subscribe to, select Subscriptions & Notifications > Notification Settings

Navigating The Community

The Exchange Community comprises a number of product discussion and documentation boards, found under the Practice Management menu. Each one is dedicated to discussions, questions, or documentation about a specific Carestream Dental product. A Product Ideas area is also located under the Practice Management menu. 

Subscribing to a Specific Product Board or Specific Post

So you stay up to date on information regarding your product of interest on The Exchange, be sure to subscribe to a specific product board. 

1. From the main menu bar, click Practice Management and select your product. 

2. Click the 3 gray dots on the product page, and select Subscribe.

  • These steps can also be followed to subscribe to a specific post by opening the post, clicking the 3 gray dots next to the selected post and clicking Subscribe). 

TIP: Be sure to follow the steps under Managing Your Profile to update how frequently you would like to be notified on activity with your subscriptions. 

Posting And Replying 

Start a new topic on a board by clicking the Start a topic button. Click the Reply button on an existing post to respond to it.

The Exchange is here for you to have meaningful conversations with colleagues and Carestream Dental employees, to ask questions and provide feedback/suggestions. To ensure a positive experience, search the community to see if your topic already exists, when asking a question provide any details (even images) that may be helpful, and be respectful to other members on The Exchange (you can find  The Exchange Community rules here).

To tag someone on the community in a post, use the @mention function (type @ directly followed by the persons name, use _ to separate the first and last name). 

If you have questions or issues about how to participate in The Exchange Community, our Community team is here to help you. 



Canine II

How do i get in touch with trainers?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @MH1

You can reach the training voicemail box at 800-230-4325. After you leave a message, a trainer will return your call within 1 business day. 


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