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Important Update!

To Carestream Dental Cloud Customers:

Recently, a new form of malware—called WannaCry—made global headlines as it infected the systems of the British National Health Service and a number of commercial businesses. This malware/ransomware targets vulnerability within Microsoft’s Operating System, leading Microsoft to issue an emergency patch. Carestream Dental is happy to share that, as part of ongoing security administration, your Cloud-based practice management system has been updated with the emergency patch from Microsoft and is now protected against this malware attack.

Carestream Dental follows stringent security controls for our cloud systems, and our always-current operating systems, up-to-date antivirus software and multi-layered security make it difficult for these types of attack to spread in the environment—keeping you and your information safe. In addition, your data is physically secured in a center that is guarded 24/7 by security systems and personnel.

For your protection, we do recommend keeping your onsite equipment regularly patched so that your local environments are also secure against attacks of this nature.

Please continue to check back on The Exchange for information on your practice management system.