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Community Manager
Community Manager

Interacting On The Exchange

Subscribe to a board or post:

  • Be sure to follow your product board to stay up to date on the activity there. From the main menu, click PRACTICE MANAGEMENT and select your product. Once on the product board click the 3 gray dots on the right side of the page (the options menu) and select Subscribe
  • If you would like to subscribe to a specific post: open the post, click the 3 gray dots closest to the title of the post, and select Subscribe

Start a discussion or ask a question:

  • If you would like to start your own discussion post, or searched for a question on The Exchange and couldn't find the answer you can start a new post.
  • From the main menu click PRACTICE MANAGEMENT and select your product. On the product board click Start a topic. Enter a Subject/title for the post, complete the Body of the post, select a Label, add Message Tags (keywords that pertain to your post that help people search for the topic later on), and click Post


  • Click Reply on any post to add input to a discussion, to answer a question, or to ask an additional questions regarding that posts topic. 


  • The ability to kudos content plays an important role in connecting with your colleagues, their work, and showing your support for something. From a blog post sharing a story, to a document that really needed to be created, liking is an easy way to express a quick sentiment in the community.
  • Simply open a post and select the thumbs up icon to kudos it. 


  • Bookmarking enables you to easily return to relevant or important pieces of content without having to search for them. Open a post, click the 3 gray dots to the right of the post, and select Bookmark. To find your bookmarked items, click your avatar and go to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > My Bookmarks.
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