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Partner Status and Contact Info

Hello tshaw,

I'm writing on behalf of Solutionreach.  Solutionreach is a patient relationship Integration for SoftDent, Practice Works, Ortho Trac and WinOMS clients. 

I've recently been assigned some partner relationship responsibilities in addition to my engineer role.  I'm attempting to understand better our partnership agreement with Carestream.

I'm also attempting to locate a contact regarding a specific request for Carestream's data storage and integration host systems administration group. Upon reviewing your website I'm not able to locate any clear direction and the pre formatted contact form provided doesn't seem to have any specific options. 

I'd sent a request on Oct 27th to the most recent email address we have on file which is: but have not received a response.  Are you able to confirm this is still a valid email address?

Please advise, thank you!

Raymond Monsour



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