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Community Manager
Community Manager

The Exchange Community is Moving! (Maintenance Dates June 28th - July 2nd)

We are excited to let you know that The Exchange is moving to a new platform! During the move, from June 28 - July 2, The Exchange community will be unavailable.

After the move, The Exchange will continue to provide self-service help and support as well as a place to ask questions and give feedback, and will have a new look and feel. We hope that this move provides an improved ease of use, and you should enjoy some added functionality. The address won't change so after the move, you will still use to get there.

Your username will stay the same with some exceptions:

  • If your username is your email address, anything after the @ will be dropped (e.g., becomes suziq).
  • If you have any special characters in your username, anything after the first offending character (i.e., @, ., and !)  will be dropped. ( e.g., SuziQ!Receptionist becomes suziq).
  • If your username is more than 15 characters, any characters exceeding 15 will be dropped (e.g., becomes SuziQuiglyRecep).

 *Some usernames that fall under these exceptions will be updated prior to the move. We will email you if your username has been updated. 

Your password will NOT go with you so you will have to use the forgot password option to reset your password the first time you visit. After you log into the new site, we'd love it if you would complete your profile (include a picture, add your country, and a little bit about yourself or your practice!).

If you have any questions post a comment below!