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Canine III

Changes for WinOMS 9.3

Just a couple quick questions/suggestions:

1. We use PBHS' TruForm for our patient registration, but some patients either can't do it online or they don't feel comfortable doing so, and so they fill out a paper-based registration. Is it possible for WinOMS to place these scanned in registrations into the Patient Registration tab in the EMR (instead of under attachments)?

2. Could there be a new tab in the EMR sidebar for "Referrals", so that it is only a click away (instead of going through attachments/images)?



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Canine III

Re: Changes for WinOMS 9.3

We have the same problem.  When the patient does a paper chart we use the category Health History Form which puts it in Patient Registration tab in the EMR

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Changes for WinOMS 9.3

Steve, thanks for the feedback.  

WinOMS v9.3 is releasing this week (we will probably start shipping next week, ending 3/23/2018) so i've already put the lid on that version.  I will keep your insight under consideration for one of our next releases.  

(attn: christopher.octa‌ - see the above input)

Canine III

Re: Changes for WinOMS 9.3

Hey Steve,  Josephine took care of number 1 for you.  Just mark it with the "Heath History" category and it will show in the Pat Reg section of the EMR.  We'll work on something to resolve your 2nd item in a future update.