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Canine II

Monthly Quality Assurance CS9300

Does anyone out there have detailed instructions for this test.  We have the User guide with the 1 page instructions on pages 7-1 and 7-2.  We are looking for the instructions for the entire test.  Thank you!

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Canine II

Re: Monthly Quality Assurance CS9300

There are a lot of possible tests within the Quality Assurance Test but the main one that will show any variance of image quality, and is the one the user guide means, is the "Noise and Homogeneity Checking" test. You can set it up so that you can easily do that test by following the below steps:

First, you have to set up the test:

  1. Launch Service Tools.
  2. Select Quality Assurance Control Access
  3. Select Quality Assurance Control
  4. Click "Start a new test", then click "Test Options"
  5. Click the "Modify" button
  6. Click "Advanced"
  7. Expand the "3d unit" option, and select "Acceptance test"
  8. Uncheck everything except "Noise and homogeneity checking"
  9. Click Save Modifications and put in an easily recognizable name under "Enter your configuration name" (Something like Monthly QAT), then press "Ok"

After the above steps you will have a new test listed under the "Start a new test" option, the one you just created. To do the test do the following:

  1. Launch Service Tools.
  2. Select Quality Assurance Control Access
  3. Select Quality Assurance Control
  4. Click "Start a new test", then select the test you created above.
  5. Click the option to start the test.
  6. The screen will show you instructions on how to position the test phantom. This is the large circular QAT Phantom that came with your unit. You will need that phantom, the clear plastic cylinder, and the large gray paddle. To clarify, those steps are:
  7. Press the "Reset" button on your control panel (It's the leftmost of the three buttons on the left side of the panel).
  8. Use the "Up" arrow to raise the chin-rest to its maximum height.
  9. Insert the large gray paddle, then the clear cylinder, and then put the QAT Phantom on top (lining up the circular grooves). 
  10. Click the 3d icon to launch the acquisition window. Wait for the unit to rotate into position and then press the "target" button (it is the center of the three buttons on the left)
  11. Turn on the laser and make sure that the positioning of the paddle/phantom is such that the center of rotation laser (the red dot coming directly down from above) is at the center of the inner black border of the inner ring of the phantom. There is a small notch in the phantom to indicate this position. If it is out of position move the phantom, not the unit.
  12. Once the phantom is properly positioned the center laser should be in the QAT groove and the green "acquisition read" circle should be lit. At that point, take an x-ray.
  13. When the 3d scan is finished, the QA window will show a window with a small "Sample" shot and a large view. The software will likely automatically select the correct slice but if it does not, move the slider on the right up or down until the real view matches the sample view, then press "Next".
  14. At that point it will show a window that says "Automatic noise and homogeneity measurements" with that same shot you saw on the previous page, with four red boxes overlaid on top and a measurement at the bottom. Provided the bar at the bottom is green the test passed. Clicking "Next" at that point should go to the report. If your bar at the bottom is red, instead, then something may be wrong and you should call support to have them look at the test and help you resolve any issues. The latest support phone number can always be found at this link: Carestream Dental Support 
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