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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

The WinOMS, 9.5 Upgrade is Coming with Major Enhancements

Currently in development, WinOMS v9.5 will deliver the following changes:

1. 2019 ICD10 and CDT Classification Codes help you prepare for 2019—without manually entering the codes into the software data tables.

2. ePayments Secure enables you to accept the latest payment methods, such as chip debit/credit cards, Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®. It also increases data security.

3. Online Bill Payment so your patients can pay their bill anywhere and any time

Two Great Opportunities for Your Practice!

  1. Participate in our Beta Program. Receive full support for installation and a free chip card reader (valued at $499). Contact
  2. Or sign-up for information and priority installation upon availability at 


Thank you for your partnership!

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: The WinOMS, 9.5 Upgrade is Coming with Major Enhancements

Hi all, the WinOMS 9.5 Beta Program is Available Now!

It's a great way for your practice to get set up with the latest patient payment methods (chip debit/credit, Apple/Google/Samsung Pay and Online Payment) and a FREE new chip card reader. We only have a few spots left. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or have questions. Thank you very much!

Alecia Bridgwater

WinOMS Beta Program

Premolar II

Re: The WinOMS, 9.5 Upgrade is Coming with Major Enhancements

Feedback from an anonymous practice administrator from a different forum-thought you guys should be aware.  Lots of consensus support  of this opinion: 


 We have been getting emails/calls etc. from Carestream touting their "major enhancements" with the 9.5 update. According to their announcement, said "enhancements" include online payments as well as the 2019 ICD10 updates. 

I just wanted to see if our office is totally in left field, or if our sentiments are shared. 

Does anyone get the feeling that Carestream is living in blissful oblivion to the enhancements that WinOMS truly needs?! 2019 ICD10 -- not really a "major enhancement"...more like "obvious necessity". Online payments -- how about fixing the EMR so chart notes aren't magically "lost". Speaking of EMR --- it is a glorified Windows Notepad app. No medical spell check (it didn't even recognize the word "maxillofacial"). No clickable review of systems, exam items, etc. The consent signatures are almost illegible and they distort the entire consent form. Ugh....

What Kool-Aid are they drinking? I want some! 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: The WinOMS, 9.5 Upgrade is Coming with Major Enhancements

Thanks for forwarding that on to me, T.  I am happy to hear that our messaging is getting out there, people are reviewing and thinking about it!  At the very least, that is great feedback.

WinOMS v9.5 will introduce a significant change to the way we process credit card payments, enabling a wholly new kind of card reader that supports the EMV "chip and pin."  We will also be tokenizing all credit card transactions so that absolutely zero credit card data is stored on your server, a huge reduction in your liability. On the very first day we announced this update we received over 100 calls, and hundreds more since then, all looking for information about when this update will be available.

I understand how if you are not using our ePayments service today, this might not be very interesting to you... but it should be!  Perhaps you already have a credit card service, and one that offers you an EMV solution?  Perhaps you think you already have a great rate and you haven't compared yours to ours in a while?  Maybe you just don't accept credit cards.  I totally get it; you are looking for something more than that.  

One benefit of each and every WinOMS update you receive is that the changes are CUMULATIVE: every change that we made in previous releases are all included in this release.  What that means is you only need to run the latest update, and not every update in between to get the benefits of all the new features.  And since we released v9.0 to every customer, we have made a lot of changes.  You can find them all here: List of WinOMS Release Notes posted on the Carestream Dental community

I'm not sure I am aware of the "chart notes are magically lost" issue, but I'll ask our Support team for more info on that.  Meanwhile, if someone is looking for a more clickable EMR note, I suggest that they create Narratives that can be completed in Point-of-Care.  If you have been using WinOMS for a while, you might still have access to an early feature, Digital Forms; you can use DFs to create some very versatile documents, both clickable and signable... if you don't mind putting up with current versions of Microsoft Word. 

Otherwise, our EMR Notes is a great way to create clinical notes quickly from templates in a rich text format that doesn't require a cumbersome integration with an expensive piece of additional software.

Lastly, and even after I say all that, I still hear you.  I am definitely interested in how I can continue to enhance some of our EMR workflows as well as make our clinical notes forms a little more "clickable."  I hope that you will help me to understand how this and other specific changes will positively affect you in your practice.