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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

WinOMS Roadmap Update: July 2017

We recently released WinOMS v9.0 which introduced a significant update to the EMR tab of the patient screen.  If you haven't received it, don't worry -- we will ship this update to all customers over the next three months.

The next release, WinOMS v9.1, is targeted for a Labor Day release.  This will be a minor update to v9.0, with additional, small enhancements to EMR, as well as a few other changes like a CDT 2018 and ICD-10 2018 update.  As we get closer to the release date, I will detail everything that is included in that update.

We are aiming for a Q4 release of WinOMS that will include an update to ePayments to provide support for chip-and-pin devices as well as multi-merchant ID support.  Beyond that, I have a few potential projects to take on, but we are open to your suggestions.  

I'll seed a few suggestions into the Ideas page of this Space, but I'm interested in hearing from you as well.  Take a few minutes to read-through the different ideas that are posted there and vote on the ones that you like.  If you have questions or comments about any of them, feel free to make them on those pages.  And if you have enhancement requests of your own, by all means post those, too!