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WinOMS: Adding a New ICD-10 Diagnosis Code

WinOMS: Adding a New ICD-10 Diagnosis Code

When adding a new ICD-10 code, the lookup feature requires the user to enter the entire code in order for it to be validated.

   Example: Z77.22 instead of Z77

1.  Click Tables

2.  Click Diagnosis

3.  Click Codes

4.  Click New

5.  Set the Version to ICD10

6.  In the Diagnosis Code field, enter the entire diagnosis code which is being added to the software

7.  Click Lookup

NOTE: If you receive a message stating the entered code is not a valid ICD code, retry using the correct ICD10 code. The Lookup feature will validate the new code against the ICD-10 list which is stored internally in the software.

8.  Once the new code is validated, the Description and Long Description fields will populate

9.  Select Category

10.  Click OK

NOTE:  If attempting to enter a new diagnosis code that does not have a period followed by additional characters, the software will require you to enter a period at the end.

   Example: IE - R51 needs to be entered as R51. for the software to validate it via lookup.

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