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WinOMS E-Services: Missing eClaims Report

WinOMS E-Services: Missing eClaims Report


Have not been able to retrieve eClaim reports since a specific date.


To get new reports click on the Reports button in the eClaims queue, and click the Retrieve Button.

To access the eClaims Reports window:
1. Click Billing.
2. Click Insurance Processing.
3. Click Create eClaims Batch. The eClaims Insurance Queue is displayed.
4. Click Report. The CS WinOMS eClaims Reports window is displayed.
5. Select a Start Date for the reports to be viewed.
6. Use the options at the top of the window to select which types of reports to display.
7. Click Retrieve. A message is displayed during the retrieval process, and then the reports are displayed in the window with the date, name, and type for each report.
8. Select a report and click Print, View, or Delete.

NOTE: The date that appears in the report window is the date that they downloaded the report, not the actual report date.  The newest reports will always appear on top.

NOTE:  If you are checking reports throughout the day, you will need to click on Retrieve in order to view the latest available files. Please allow 24-48 hours after claims are transmitted to retrieve reports pertaining to the claims in question.

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