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WinOMS: How to Distribute Unapplied Payments

WinOMS: How to Distribute Unapplied Payments

  1. Open patient's workspace.
  2. Click 'Pay/Adj'.
  3. Highlight payment to distribute.
  4. Click Select.
  5. Click Next.
  6. If payment is an 'Insurance Payment, select claim from 'Claims' drop down and click Next.

  If payment is any other form of payment, click Next.

  1. Click in the 'Apply' column and enter amount of money to distribute to the charge.
  2. After distributing entire payment (or partial payment if necessary), click Next.
  3. Select appropriate 'Next Action' for each remaining charge amount.

 No Action =  Will leave charge amount where it currently exist

 Xfer Bal to Patient =  Will transfer charge amount to 'Patient Due'.

 Bill Next Policy  =  Will bill secondary insurance policy on patient's account.

10.Click Finish.

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Hello, I am trying to distribute a credit on new services charging out today and it is showing up at a credit. I need help distributing this credit to new services. Can you please help us.

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