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WinOMS: How to Increase a Fee Schedule by a Percentage

WinOMS: How to Increase a Fee Schedule by a Percentage

Alert! The following steps MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY AS LISTED.  These changes cannot be reversed.

First, look in Practice Preferences to see which Fee Schedule is currently being used.

1. Click Tables.

2. Click Practice.

3. Click Practice Preferences.

4. Click Financial tab.

The name of the Fee schedule being used will be displayed under the Transaction Entry in the Std Fee Schedule field:  ie. Standard

5. Click Tables.

6. Click Procedures

7. Click Fee/Allowable Schedules

8. Click Display All

9. Highlight fee schedule currently being utilized

10. Click Save As

11. Verify 'New' is chosen for Destination

12. Click OK.

This will create a duplicate of the Fee Schedule with the word 'copy' in its title so that there's an 'Archive' of the original fee schedule.  It is recommended to change the title to a more specific naming convention such as "Standard (2016) or Standard (Archived 2016)".

13. Click OK

14. Click Tables.

15. Click Procedures

16. Click Fee/Allowable Schedules.

17. Click Display All.

18. Highlight newly created Fee Schedule.

19. Click 'Save As'.

20.  Click 'Replace Existing' and choose original Fee Schedule

21. Enter Factor % in which to increase fees.  For example modify the 'Factor %' to increase or decrease the fees of the original scheduled.  To increase fees by 5%, enter '105' in the 'Factor % text box.  Fee schedules cannot be increased by a fraction of a percentage (i.e. 2.5%).  They must be increased by a whole number percentage.

22. Select 'Round to the Nearest Dollar' or 'Do not Round' in 'Rounding Options'.

23. Click OK.

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