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WinOMS: Pearl - Error Code 4001 and Unable to Authenticate User

WinOMS: Pearl - Error Code 4001 and Unable to Authenticate User

This Issue can be related to, but is not limited to the following: Pearl services on the server, Wi-fi or cellular data plan connectivity, or iPhone/Blackberry internal issues.

Error Code 4001 - Not Possible to Connect to the Practice Server

    1. Click Start.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Click Control Panel.
    4. Click Administrative Tools.
    5. Click Services.
    6. Verify that the following services are installed: (if they are not, Pearl may installed on another machine)
      • Practiceworks Pearl Adapter Host
      • Carestream Application Server
      • MTM Mobile for Practiceworks

         7. Stop the services in the order listed above (Right click on service and choose Stop).

         8. Restart the services in the reverse order as follows:


  • MTM Mobile for Practiceworks
  • Carestream Application Server
  • Practiceworks Pearl Adapter Host

         9. Launch Practice Mobile Admin from desktop. 

        10. Click Services tab.

        11. Click Test Connection.  Both the connection for the Cloud and for the Data Adapter should say "OK Connectivity". 

        12. Log into PEARL on mobile device.

Unable to Authenticate User

This message is associated with the mobile device's inability to connect to the server due to lack of data transmission service.

1. First perform a hard reboot on the iPhone.  To perform a hard reboot, hold in the 'Home' button on the iPhone and the 'Power Button' until the display turns black.  Hold the 'Home' and 'Power Button' in again until a silver apple logo appears on the display.  The phone will take 2 or 3 minutes to fully reboot. 

2. After reboot, attempt to log into PEARL.

If authentication issues persist, switch the connectivity method of the iPhone under Settings (i.e. If phone is connected to Wi-Fi, disconnect Wi-Fi and connect via cellular data - 3G, 4G, or LTE, etc.)

3. After switching connectivity method, log into PEARL.

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