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WinOMS: Poll and Convert Patients with TruForms Online Patient Registration

WinOMS: Poll and Convert Patients with TruForms Online Patient Registration

How to poll and convert patients from TruForms?

1. User will need to click on Registration Queue to begin these steps.

2. Click Poll.

3. Highlight patient to convert.

4. Click Convert.

5. Highlight patient.

6. Select 'Merge Registration with Existing Patient/Walk-in' or 'Create a New Patient Account'.

7. Click Next.

All information filled out online by the patient will appear on the left side of the screen, while existing patient information will appear on right s

8. Click the 'Double Arrows' button.

9. Select either 'Update All Fields on Right' or 'Update Empty Fields on Right'.

10. If 'Update All Fields on Right' is chosen, the following warning message will appear.  Click Yes.

11. Enter 'Guarantor Information'.

12. Enter 'Billing Information'.

13. Click Next.

14. Enter 'Employment Information'.

15. Select 'Employment Status'.

16. Click Next.

17. Enter 'School Information'.

18. Select 'School Status'.

19. Click Next.

20. Enter 'Dental Insurance' information.

21. Click Next.

22. Enter 'Medical Insurance' information.

23. Click Next.

24. Add 'Health History Items'

25. Add 'Other Medications'.

26. Add 'Other Allergies'.

27. Click Next.

28. Click Finish

Continue the same process for any additional screens and click Next to finish out the process.

If you are unable to complete these steps please contact Support at 1 800 275 4637.  Office must be enrolled

with Truforms to utilize this feature with an active PBHS account.   

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