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WinOMS: Reports Summary

WinOMS: Reports Summary

Daily Reports

Day Sheet Report
The Day Sheet is a printed summary of all the transactions entered, typically for single day. It is used as a daily summary of the day’s production, as well as a tool to make sure that all the data for the day has been entered, and has been entered correctly.

Night Call List
The Night Call Report will provide all the information necessary to contact the patients who have had treatment that day, including name, number, nickname, age, procedures performed, and referring doctors.

Bank Deposit Slip
Printing your bank deposit slip will eliminate the need for you to transcribe all the checks and receipts onto your "standard" deposit slip.

Financial Reports

Adjustment Analysis Report
The Adjustment Analysis Report provides a means of analyzing the adjustments that are issued and the reasons they are being issued.

Aged Receivables Report
The Aged Receivables Report lists all patients with balances that meet the selection criteria chosen. As the primary tool for collection efforts, there is a wide variety of ways that this report can be printed, depending on the specific function(s) for which you are using it.

Budget Plan Report
Printed after budget plans are processed, this reports lists all the patients who have active budget plans, along with all relevant information.

Credit Balance Report
The Credit Balance Report lists all accounts with credit balances. This report is useful in determining which accounts should receive refunds.

Deleted Transaction Report
The Deleted Transaction Report will allow you to track the transactions that were deleted and the users who deleted them.

Monthly Adjusted Receipts
The Monthly Adjusted Receipts Report is a monthly summary of credit payments, credit adjustments, debit adjustments and the calculated revenue for each provider. Formula for calculating Monthly Adjusted Receipts Report: (Credit Payments - Refunds) + (Credit Adjustments - Debit Adjustments) = Calculated Revenue

Payment Code Analysis Report
This report is an analysis of payments by the payment type (i.e. payment code used).

Payment Method
This report is an analysis of payments by the payment method used
Analysis Report (e.g. check, cash, charge, electronic deposit, money order.)

Practice Summary Report
The Practice Summary Report is a one-page summary of the current month’s production, including patient counts, transaction totals, and receivables summary.

Procedure Analysis Report
The Procedure Analysis Report displays patient and insurance receipts and adjustments for each procedure performed, allowing you to evaluate the profitability of each procedure.

Production Report
The Production Report summarizes your practice’s production, based upon the procedures performed. For each procedure performed during the specified time period, it will let you know how many times it was performed, the amount of money charged, and the percentages that the procedure contributed to the practice’s total production and revenue.

Receivables by Referral Report
The Receivables by Referral report will display for each referral source a list of all patients and their balance summary if there was account activity within the selected period.

Sales Tax
The Sales Tax Report will display payments applied to procedures for which sales tax is applicable, and will calculate the appropriate sales tax due.

Sales Tax Charged Report
The Sales Tax Charge Report is a summary of taxes charged for procedures for a specific time frame. The report sub-totals each office and provides a grand total for the practice.

Service Charge Report
The Service Charge Report will list all service charges applied during statement printing, for a specified range of dates.

Service Office Detail Report
The Service Office Detail report will display, for each date within the selected range, the number of new patients, the number of visits, the total charges, payments, and adjustments.

Service Office Summary
The Service Office Summary report will display for a selected date the current day, month-to-date and year-to-date, totals for the number of visits and totals for charges, payments, and adjustments.

Transaction Detail Report
The Transaction Detail Report provides itemized transactions and totals that meet the specified criteria.

Transaction Summary Report
The Transaction Summary Report provides a summary of the selected year's transactions, breaking down patient counts, charges, payments, and adjustments for each month, presented in a spreadsheet format.

Unapplied Payment/ The Unapplied Payment/Adjustment Report lists all payments and

Adjustments Report adjustments that have been entered but not yet applied to specific charges.

Insurance Reports

Capitation Report
The Capitation Report will allow you to measure your production covered under capitation plans, production that has not been billed to your capitation patients. This report provides the means of determining the profitability of any capitation plans with which you participate.

Claim Submission
Report Commonly used to track outstanding insurance claims, the Claims Submission Report may also be used on a daily basis to generate a list of the insurance claims that have been printed that day.

Insurance Aged Receivables
The Insurance Aged Receivables report tracks balances that have been designated as the responsibility of the patient's insurance plan.

Insurance Carrier/Plan The Insurance Carrier/Plan Financial Analysis report will provide financial Analysis Report total charges, receipts, and adjustments for each insurance plan, for both the current year and previous year. Will allow you to view reimbursement at the procedure level. Will provide the patient totals for each plan.

Open Treatment Plan Report
The Open Treatment Plan report allows you to track procedures that have entered as pre-treatment estimates, and have neither been converted to actual charges nor deleted.

Unbilled Insurance Report
The Unbilled Insurance Report will allow you to track charges which have been placed on hold, pending, for example, additional information, documentation, or lab results.

Patient Reports

Implant Tracking Report
The Implant Tracking Report will produce a list of patients meeting selected implant-related criteria (e.g. type of implant, date of placement, etc).

Ledger Notes Report
The Ledger Notes Report allows you to follow up on items such as collection calls, insurance delays, etc., in a timely fashion. Often referred to as a “tickler file” for reminders.

Recall Report
By placing a patient on recall, you will be able to quickly find out which patients need to come back to your office for a follow-up visit.

Stage Tracking Report
Stage tracking is used for marketing, recall, and planning. The Stage Tracking Report allows you to follow up on patients who have had certain types of consultations (e.g. implant consultations), or are in a certain stage of treatment, allowing you to follow up so they don’t “slip through the cracks.”

Patient Demographic Report
The Patient Demographic Report will allow you to generate lists of patients, based on a wide variety of criteria, including certain demographic data, treatment and diagnosis date, insurance coverage, and balance data.

Patient Details Report
The Patient Details Report will provide you with detailed information for each patient with a balance. The report lists the patients account information, insurance plan information, an itemized view of the ledger and any ledger notes attached to the patient. This is a valuable report when working on the practice’s open accounts receivable items.

Patient Referral Report
The Patient Referral Report will print a list of all the patients referred by other patients.

Patient Statistics
The Patient Statistics by Zip Code Report allows you to see where, by Zip Code Report geographically, your patients are coming from.

Prescription Report
The Prescription Report provides a list of either all prescriptions written in a specified time frame, or prescriptions written for a specified type of medication.

Referral Reports

Dollar / Count Report
The Referral Dollar/Count Report will list your referral sources, along with patient count and financial statistics. The report can be compared to previous periods or same period previous year.

Referral Action
The Referral Action report will list all referrals who meet a specific criteria. Options include recall, last referral, last activity, or last gift dates.

Referral Demographic Report
The Referral Demographic Report will allow you generate a report of referral sources, based on referral demographic criteria, such as referral category, birth month, personal or professional interests, etc.

Procedure Trend Analysis
The Procedure Trend Analysis Report will provide total charges, payments and adjustments for each referral source based on type of procedure compared to previous year.

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