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WinOMS v9.2 Release Notes

WinOMS v9.2 Release Notes

A new version of WinOMS is ready for release.  Included in this update will be the latest OMSNIC consent forms (you need EMR Notes or EMR Elite to take advantage of this), including a full library of Spanish Language consent forms. We have also updated the existing integration with PBHS TruForm online patient registration, and with this release you can now use your custom registration forms AND use mobile devices and tablets (iPads) to capture signatures on those forms. 

We've done all that, and added a few more goodies as well.  Here's the full list:

Story #     Description 

F2060        OMSNIC Forms update - 2017 forms

F2066        Update existing PBHS TruForm integration to TruForm v6 API

US44063    Add columns and sorting to TruForm online patient registration queue

US44064    Revise Practice Central online patient registration queue to sort by Last Name

The following customer-reported issues have been addressed in CS WinOMS v9.2:

Issue # Description

DE14016    Scheduler Appointment Audit Log displays incorrect user for check-in status.

DE17101    Anesthesia Record drug dispensed column defaults to 0.0 requiring additional keystroke entry

DE18794    EMR Notes - Page Up/Page Down causes all merge fields to become question marks

DE19006    Scheduler Advance slowness and sw latency with Practice Central

DE19168    PBHS TruForm conversion process creates and improperly associates Health History items

DE19941    PBHS Integration - Apartment # is converted as a "":"" in software after TF conversion

DE22917    When converting a Consent form into a PDF the bottom text runs onto a second page on the PD

DE25698    TruForm - Chart Item description not specified whenever the plus sign on hh screen is clicked on

DE28138    OMSNIC - Informed Consent Template incorrect

DE29261    WinOMS is not prompting users to sign the newly added OMSNIC Consent Forms

DE31044    High Cholesterol health history item is not imported from TruForm

DE32954    Unable to Print Anesthesia Recording for patient

DE33278    Nothing happens when trying to print list of all the Surgical History report

DE33799    EMR & Workspace Images: While editing image if user change image then it is not getting replace

DE33941    EMR Consents: extra page is getting added in template preview for certain forms

DE34060    When anesthesia preview is open, click on Medication, allergies link then preview should be closed

DE34226    EMR Summary printout: No medical History title overwritten

DE34508    Processing error occurs when clicking on empty space just above the icons on docked patient list

DE34623    Tab key causes hidden fields to appear in Anesthesia Record Pre-Op tab.

DE34627    Security restrictions for Financial Reports is ignored when viewing patient EMR screen

DE34628    EMR does not allow for more than one entry of the same description

DE34647    ""Health History FormI"" image category causes images and attachments to disappear from the EMR

DE34675    RX: below save icon edit icon image is getting displayed

DE34709    When PDF is first record and user switches between workspace and EMR, preview is getting half screen

DE34745    When both filters are unchecked ""Select clinical\Non-clinical"" msg is NOT getting displayed

DE34772    NightCallList Report: Work phone extension is not being displayed

DE34774    Attachment: most recent record is not getting highlighted when user select deselect the filter

DE35097    Users can delete unlocked anesthesia records even if they do not have the security right to do so

DE35264    Line 57 When clicking on EMR from workspace (Preferences set to open workspace first)

DE35353    1366X768: Blank space between preview and records on Patient Reg page

DE35354    Patient Reg: Line 35 in rowfocuschanged of object dw_1 while deleting record on patient reg

DE35601    Software can only access the First PTE (treatment plan) on a patient's chart

DE35635    Appointment profile report prints blank page.

DE35712    Encounter Slip: Office Item error message when office is not actively selected

DE36181    Phone number displays incorrectly when printing the scheduler report including the referral option

DE36214    EMR slowness and tab error when navigating between attachments and registration

DE36336    Unable to find and print RX from Encounter Slip

DE36466    Practice Central: Patient Registration queue will not remove

DE36493    Printed RX from Encounter Slip are not being marked as printed

DE36524    Not able to Edit medical history items with new record

DE36549    Printed RX from Processing queue are not being marked as printed

DE36554    Pat Reg: Preview of the record is not displayed when collapsed

DE36598    EMR Summary: Record Id is displayed while editing record

DE36676    On patient search window if user clicks on ok button multiple time then patient is opened multiple times.

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