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WinOMS v9.3 Release Notes

WinOMS v9.3 Release Notes

A new version of WinOMS is ready for release.  Included in this update are a few small enhancements that should make your day-to-day life a little easier, as well as addressed a significant number of defects.  Here's the full list:


Story #     Description 

US44236    Run Aged Receivables report by Service office as well as Regular Office

US44237    Allow payment and adjustment codes to be made inactive

US44696    Test Quickbooks 2018 and confirm its compatibility with existing functionality

US44725    Nevada Prescription blank updates (2018) - required info for controlled substances

US44727    Ohio Prescription Blank - requires ICD-10 code, days supply, on controlled substances

US44790    Test and Certify Windows Server 2016

US44792    Test and Certify MS Office 2016

US44925    Update Timeclock report to allow user to specify which day of the week to start on

US45902    Update copyright on WinOMS Installer Menu screen (2nd screen displayed)

The following defects were addressed in WinOMS v9.3:

DE7027      SCR8109:(CR45197)  Point of Care Procedure Posting Order made consistent across all windows

DE22010    Statements - Initial Visit Date is not working with Batch Statements

DE20626    SCR11287 Extended Items in Batch Edit deletes previously entered data

DE25331    User rights on Patient EMR Tab not reflecting security settings

DE30755    WinOMS is disregarding Security Settings for Form Designer

DE30860    None of the forms designer options for box 57 on form 110 are working.

DE31680    Practice Summary Report takes a long time to Populate

DE34919    Statements mix patients when sorted by zip code

DE35687    Last Statement date of patients are not getting updated

DE35897    Aldrete Scoring Options Not Representing Proper Range Of Appropriate Results.

DE35901    Claim rejections because of incorrect info in box 25

DE36080    EMR Resolution 1440 X 900 Red X is not visible when Alerts are active

DE36436    Completed section in Digital Form tab becomes blank when a digital Form is saved or deleted

DE36437    ""Internal Processing Error' when editing a revised Digital Form from the workspace tab

DE36438    Unable to edit/view a Digital Form from the Workspace tab in v9.1.0

DE36600    EMR summary: Dropdown list is getting displayed in descending order

DE36718    Patient Workspace not opening to center of screen when not in full screen mode.

DE36339    Form Designer - Box 32 on ADA paper claims cannot total per claim (Claim Form # 109, 110, and 111)

DE36685    No scrollbar on Prescription window while processing ticket

DE36686    PBHS Tru Forms: Cell phone not pulling over in Patient Registration Queue

DE36688    OMSNIC Consent Forms: Spanish forms should say ""Página  1 de 3"" instead of ""Página 1 of 3""

DE36689    OMSNIC Consents: Spanish Forms  Alveoloplasty Title missing space

DE36715    Unable to print Appointment Status Report

DE36726    Comments entered in the Post-Op Evaluation tab do not preview and print properly

DE37200    CR12467 Walkout statement does not print properly when 'Include Insurance Information' is selected

DE37441    CDT Codes added does not show in Procedure Hx under EMR

DE37573    Appointment Audit Log lists appointment as confirmed when it is not

DE37605    EMR encounter should select the ticket automatically based on today's appointment

DE37707    Inactive procedures can be posted to patient account

DE37731    EMR Encounter Shortcut scrollbar missing

DE37771    A CC transaction for a patient appears in the settlement batch but does not appear in the patients ledger

DE37789    NEA attachment window will not stay closed when opening a completed attachment from the EMR.

DE37934    CR12518 EMR Images tab only shows CSOI images in text format with preview of only the first line item

DE38017    Encounter Slip: Diagnosis Code Search text box missing


@matt_ackerman FYI, Adjustment codes can be made inactive (which is great!) but the "include inactive codes" checkbox doesn't work when searching adjustment codes or using the Display All button. Inactive codes always appear whether or not the box is checked. We're on version


@annag this is intended behavior -- all the criteria above the Find button works to filter the search results: code, description, and the inactive flag.  Display All will always do exactly that: display all the rows in the table.


In order for the search to prevent inactive codes in the results, type in a few characters of search criteria into the code or description fields, make sure the checkbox is unchecked, and click Find.

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