Running the same reports all the time?

Discussion created by jeffrey.urkevich on May 3, 2016

Do you have a report or set of reports you're running on a regular basis?  Why not schedule these reports to run for you? The SoftDent Office Expert is a great way to save time and effort, and have a fresh report ready whenever you want it. One of my favorite reports to add to the Office Expert is the Unsubmitted Claims Report.  This report keeps claims from falling through the cracks, potentially saving you money.


Using the Unsubmitted Claims Report as an example, I will walk through the steps to put a report into the Office Expert.


1) From your SoftDent toolbar, select Experts and Office Expert


2) Once in Office Experts, your screen will look like this.  Click on Setup Experts in the list on the left.


3)  When in Setup Experts, your screen will look like this.  The right side will be empty if you've never added any reports here.  Scroll down to the Unsubmitted Claims report and click the Add Selected Item button.


4)  A dialog box will pop up allowing you to schedule the Unsubmitted Claims report.  Here you can change the title of the report, set the start and end date, select the report format, and set the priority for your report.  TIP:  Notice the start date has a -1 in the month value with the day and year untouched.  This structure will always run the report for a the current date and back one month.  So every day you will have a current Unsubmitted Claims Report!  Leaving the end date as is (MM/DD/YYYY) will include your most recent transactions.  Click OK at the bottom and you're done!


Now that your report is set up, it's very simple to use!  Select Experts and Office Experts from the toolbar, highlight your report and click Take Action at the bottom.  You can manage each unsubmitted claim from right here, no paper reports needed, fast and easy!



Office Experts can really save time and effort.  I'd love to hear how you're using them!