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Hyperlinks in Orthotrac Cloud

Question asked by cleizer on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by cleizer

When trying to save or upload any type of file using the Cloud version, all items in destination folders are hyperlinked. For example, when we attempt to load photographs into imaging and we need to select the photographs from our cameras memory card, we used to be able to single click on a file name to get a preview of what photograph was going to be selected. This is not possible now due to all files appearing as hyperlinks. If we attempted to single click to preview the file, it would select that file for upload. This is different from how the server-based version worked.


The only solution (hopefully temporary) that we have found is to take the extra step of previewing all photos in advance, putting them in patient specific folders in the proper sequence, and then load them into imaging - again feasible, but an unnecessarily complex workaround to something that had never been an issue with the server-based software.


The hyperlinks have other drawbacks as well, eg-when you move the cursor down the screen if you delay too long over an existing file name it will rewrite the file to be saved with the incorrect file name that was accidentally hovered over for an extra second too long.


We had been told that this was a global change that needed to be done in conjunction with Microsoft Windows; that was two years ago that we were promised a correction. No other software that I have ever used with Windows has ever had this issue.


Any idea when this will be addressed?