Cell Phone Priority Preference

Discussion created by lhopkins on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by jeffrey.urkevich

Our office would really like to see two changes to SoftDent concerning a cell phone number as a priority.  We know how to go into the patient screen and set the cell phone number as the perferred contact, but it would be nice if that preference could be established at the initial appointment scheduling.  Currently there isn't even a field to enter the cell phone number on a new patient appointment screen.  We have to jot down the cell phone number on scrap paper and go into the patient screen later to enter it into a field.  We would prefer to have the fields for home telephone number and cell telephone number on the initial appointment screen vs. home and work.  In addition, since the vast majority of our patient prefer their cell phone and a good number have eliminated a home telephone number entirely, it would be nice if system wide the cell phone was the automatic preffered contact and changing it to home or work were a dropdown option.