OrthoTrac Questionnaires Auto Save feature

Discussion created by smileart on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by smileart

I was hoping the it would be possible to modify how the questionnaires in OrthoTrac are automatically saved in the Imaging Documents. At present, every time a questionnaire is executed, a copy is saved under documents in Imaging. Our practice uses multiple questionnaires, most of which we do not need saved anytime or each time: For example - We have a questionnaire w misc info re patient, one to get a snapshot of their Invisalign case set up, one for financial or insurance notes (not notes that are needed long term), etc. Currently, we have to go into patient tracking each and every time we execute any questionnaire and then delete the saved copy. This is very tedious. If we do not do this, the documents in imaging get innumerable. I had a suggestion that would work for people like me and for others who do not have this issue as they may not use as many questionnaires and want them saved each time. In the communications set up, it would be good to make a check box that allows us to indicate for that particular questionnaire if we want it saved or not. The default could be save, and that way only a person who really does not want a questionnaire saved, would uncheck it, and this particular questionnaire would then not be saved each and every time it is executed. Please try to have this feature done, we would really appreciate it.