Electronic Signature Expansion

Discussion created by jeffrey.urkevich on Oct 27, 2016
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Hello again SoftDent Community,


I'm working on expanding the use of electronic signatures in SoftDent and I would really appreciate your feedback.  

I would like to add Topaz signature functionality to Clinical Notes, Treatment Planning, and paper Rxs.  The feature would work like this:


1) For Clinical Notes and TP's, if the system has Topaz enabled (Startup -> Preferences -> Use Topaz), we would prompt for the provider's signature after the notes is typed and "OK" has been clicked.  We will dp this with adds and amendments.  

Here's a short video to show you what I mean.


What feels strange (probably looks strange too) is that the signature will show up under each note, next to the date stamp. What are your feelings on this?  Will this look messy or crowded when you have several notes on the patient?  Any other ideas on how to display the signature?


2)  For paper prescriptions,  you would follow your current workflow and you will be prompted for the electronic signature after clicking "OK".  The signature will appear in the signature area of the printed Rx.  What are your thoughts on this?  


3)  An additional idea is to store each signature at the user level.  Each provider would sign via Topaz one time and the signature would be saved to be used on letters, recalls, marketing, emails, etc.  This would be for non-clinical functions.  For things like clinical notes, we need the biometric data (pen pressure, size of loops, speed of the signature, etc) to prove the source of the signature if it should become a legal issue.  


Would love your feedback!


Thank you again,