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Printing Changes Coming in the Next Release

Discussion created by Matt Ackerman Employee on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2018 by juriz

Work is underway to enhance the existing print dialog in PracticeWorks! Well, that is to say, there currently isn't much of one and there will soon be one in v8.0!


Let me paint the picture for you.  Imagine a morning when you are arriving in the office slightly early and you want to print out a report to review while you sip your coffee.  You are sitting at a workstation Emily normally sits at, not only because the view of the front door is great, but it is also close to the printer.  Making all the right clicks to get to the Accounts Receivable report, you select your criteria and click OK.


The printer starts to come to life, moving paper inside it across the toner cartridge, and then out into the top tray.  And that's when you realize this workstation doesn't have the right paper source selected for the default document! Out pops expensive letterhead that Emily was using to send letters to specialists in the area, now wasted with today's AR report printed all over it.


We will be able to help you with this in the future!  No, we aren't going to replace your letterhead when you make a mistake, but we will give you a new print window that will give you all your printing options right before you click Print.  This will make it much easier for you to send a report to a different tray or different printer on the fly, as you need it.


Hope this helps!  Coming soon in PracticeWorks v8.0!