Getting up to date with your community

Discussion created by bullgoose on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by Matt Ackerman

The tech world, banking and other practice management software have known for years about chip technology. I live and work in the center of technology and look to some of my patients that I am "behind the times". Practiceworks is just now, even after I have prodded them for the last 3 years, starting to develop this technology.  I am told that it will be out to Oral Surgeons within the first quarter of 2017 but not to General Dentists until late this year. hey guys, you developers at Practiceworks, get with the times, help your users to "look sharp, be sharp and up to date.


This same issue extends to only a single contracted credit card processor who's fee are significantly higher than all other processors that I have surveyed. Reach out to your users with better choices, or at least  a few so they can compare and choose. Current company is not ammenable to negotiating.