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Creating a Wait List for Your Appointment Book

Discussion created by Matt Ackerman Employee on Feb 8, 2017
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Unscheduled, unproductive staff is not good for the health of the practice, right?  To achieve the financial goals of the practice, you need to keep those hands busy, in patients mouths, providing billable services for patients.  Of course, if you had the ability to pick and choose what kind of procedures you performed, you would choose only the most lucrative, and that way you could be as profitable as possible with less effort.  But for the sake of this discussion, let's assume that's not the case; you will survive by sheer will alone, and keeping that schedule full is a great way to do it.


It happens a lot: a patient wants to have treatment and is interested in the first available appointment, but there is nothing available; you are booked solid.  However, you know that you get a few cancellations a week and sometimes a prime time slot in your appointment book might open up.  How do you capitalize on keeping your patients happy, allowing them to book from a short-call list, and also keep your doctor and their assistants busy all day?  In PracticeWorks, you can use the Pending Appointment List.


As you are creating a new appointment for a patient from the Phone Inquiry window, you select the patient, click Make Appointment, add the appointment description and then click OK to save the information.  This puts a yellow appointment on the open appointment book in an unfinished way -- floating on the page, uncommitted to a time.  Now, right-click on the appointment and select Move to Pending Page.  This will put the appointment onto the Pending Page, where it will be waiting for you to eventually schedule it a specific appointment time.


The Pending Page will allow you to search for an appointment to fill the time slot left open by a cancelled appointment.  When you click the Pending Page icon, you can use the criteria on the Show Pending Appointments window to narrow the search for appointments on your short call list.  You can even use this criteria to be selective about the value of the appointments you schedule in the open slot. 


Finish the reschedule process by double-clicking on a patient from the Pending Appointment List, and then clicking on the Reschedule/Cancel button on the Edit Existing Appointment window.  Click Reschedule Now on the Reschedule/Cancel window, and click OK.  You can navigate to the day with the open time slot and drop the appointment tile onto the appointment book.