Insurance PopUp Boxes

Discussion created by patshartzer on Feb 9, 2017
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Can we create Insurance "Alert Notes," just like a patient has Alert Notes?


Create a means where insurance companies have Alerts developed within the database.  

  • For example, Metlife has been loaded as an insurance company into WinOMS.
  • Let's say that Metlife changed their policy to require pre-estimates on all implants.  As a reminder to all of the staff, this Alert Note is added Metlife's information in WinOMS (just as Payor ID, Claims Address, etc. are loaded)
  • A patient comes in and has metlife.
  • When the demos are loaded and Metlife is chosen as their insurance company, an Alert will now pop up when that chart is accessed.
  • The alert would say something like, "Warning! Metlife requires pre-auth for all implants."
  • This way, when you have doctors that aren't aware of all the insurance restrictions and rules, or when you have new employees, or even when we get rushed - there is always a safety net for potential losses.