SoftDent ePayments Update - Important

Discussion created by jeffrey.urkevich on Mar 6, 2017
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Hello SoftDent Community,


Please note that there are a few credit card changes coming this year that you need to be aware of and action may be necessary on your part.


Visa will soon begin issuing the long rumored 19-digit credit card numbers. This shift to an extended Primary Account Number (PAN) could start as soon as March 2017. As a result if you are using our integrated ePayment processing service you will want to make sure you are running the most recent version of our ePayments program. Older versions of the ePayment program only allow 15 or 16 digit card numbers, which was the standard.


Something else that is changing is the expiration dates. Typically, in the past, expiration dates for credit cards were no more than 5 years out.  Some issuing banks are starting to issue cards with expiration dates of more than 10 years in the future. This too required us to update our system as older versions only supported expiration dates 9 years in the future or less.


The quickest and easiest way to ensure you do not run into any problems processing these new 19 digit cards is to download and run a simple program. This will need to be done on the server as well as each workstation in the office.



 From the server and from each workstation, click to download and click Run.  The program will install in the  correct SoftDent directory.


As always, our support team is here to help if you need us.  


Thank you,