Enhancement request-ability to run eligibility for the day

Discussion created by pmorgan on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by bwhite

As a pedo practice, we see an average of 60-75 patients a day. It would be fantastic, if I could check eligibility for a day or date range with a single click. This process can take all day. In addition to that, I am having to go to the insurance websites for 95% of the patients for their benefits, then I have to print to file a pdf document, import that into the patient's documents, and go back and delete the saved pdf file on the desktop. I would also like a report on the following:

  1. patients who had successful eligibility verification
  2. patients who failed eligibility verification and why
  3. patients who have no coverage
  4. current eligibility does not show, approaching termination date
  5. procedure history