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Improve WinOMS "printing" directly to Adobe PDF format?

Question asked by omsnashville on Mar 3, 2017
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Is there a way to improve the functionality within winoms of "printing" directly to Adobe PDF format?Printing to PDF


We "print" items as a PDF to preserve both paper and image quality, with the bonus that it typically is better for file size, as well. It saves us the step of printing something just to turn around and scan it back into a patient chart. They are also searchable, which is a real time-saver if you are attempting to refine a report. However, it will not usually save on the first attempt, so you must run your "print" request again allow you to save it as a PDF to your desired destination. Many times, it will kick out out of WinOMS entirely. I do not have that problem when printing to PDF from other programs or browsers.


To clarify how commonly it is needed, times when we just need a PDF include:

  • "Printing" a Treatment Summary or Treatment Proposal that we are emailing directly to the patient (with HIPAA-compliant permission, of course).
  • e-Claims status reports
  • Running scheduling reports- some of which are monthly. (I just ran one that was 352 pages in Acrobat... the data we needed was NOT worth actually printing 352 pages, plus I needed the Search function).
  • Stage Tracking reports
  • Implant Tracking reports
  • Deleted Transactions reports (when trying to resolve a discrepancy)
  • Patient Profile
  • Any of the reports that will not allow you to export to Excel


While I cannot imagine a day we would be truly paperless in all respects, this is one factor that would take us infinitely closer.


Thank you so much!