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Budget Planning for Ortho payment plans...Help

Question asked by loretta_smith on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by softdentgirl

I need some assistance with the Budget Plan feature in softdent.Version 16.2.1

We want to start using this feature to set up financial arrangements with our Orthodontic patients and I need a clear understanding.


Why would I post the adjustment to the account upfront, leaving the account balance at zero?

Is there a way to monitor which accounts have Ortho/Budget plan balances separate from regular

accounts receivables balances?

Does the Monthly Ortho Charge increase that accounts balance and production for the month?

Is the Monthly Ortho Charge posted on the same date every month?

If a person wants to make an additional payment as well as their scheduled monthly ortho payment will the subsequent

 Monthly Ortho Charge then have to be adjusted?


As you probably can tell, I have only a little experience with Orthodontic billing and my Dr. only does a few Fixed appliance/Interceptive Ortho cases per month,but if we are going to be entering financial agreements with patients for

3-15months I really want to be prepared to stay on top of those accounts in particular.


Thanks in advance.