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Scanning Documents into Softdent Cloud

Question asked by cdamoney on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by bwhite

We had been working with Softdent Cloud Support to get our desktop scanners working properly in the Cloud.  We are constantly getting the "CTXTWAIN has stopped working" error. When this occurs Softdent freezes and we must do a manual log off to reset.  We are doing this about 15-20 times a day at this point.  I was told that any twain scanner should be compatible, so we bought Brother two sided scanners.  Since we had so many issues I called Softdent and they told me to get a "citrix ready" scanner, which I did buy Ambir scanners.  We continued to have the same issues with that scanner.  We spoke to a citrix specialist and he stated he could remedy the issue by changing some permissions on the citrix side, it did make things better, but we are still experiencing many issues at our second location.  I called in today to have support work on our other location and was told that Softdent did not fix anything and that there was no fix for the scanner issue and that it was a problem on our end.  The scanners work fantastic except when we are scanning in Softdent Cloud.  Since we arte trying to go paperless, this is a very big issues, especially since eforms do not work with the Cloud (which we were told it did by the sales rep then found out after conversion that it did not).  If anyone out there is scanning into Softdent Cloud please let me know how it is going for you and what scanners you are using.