Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Support Ending? NO!

Discussion created by prcarter Employee on Apr 4, 2017
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Good day Orthotrac Community!


The Support team has recently fielded several inquiries from clients who are concerned that their Windows Server 2012 operating systems are no longer going to be supported by Microsoft.  We're not quite sure where this information is coming from, but it's incorrect.  Microsoft's own Server 2012 lifecycle dates indicate that Standard support for Server 2012 runs until October 2018.  Extended Support runs until October 2023.  Below is a link to the page in question.


To learn more about the differences between Standard and Extended support, please visit the following page which details the policies.  Extended Support continues to provide all security and stability fixes to the operating system, but no longer provides a "free" option for support questions about the operating system (rarely needed in any case).  A paid support option is still available for these rare cases.


OrthoTrac Development is currently reviewing and testing for Server 2016 support, but it is not supported by OrthoTrac as of this writing (April 2017).