Elements required for SoftDent to allow a practice to be truly digital

Discussion created by kcrab on Apr 25, 2017
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Very difficult to conceive of being a truly digital practice using SoftDent.  Many reasons for this, I will address one here today.  In a clinical environment multiple providers care for a patient at one time.  In the course of one visit a dental hygienist, dental assistant and dentist can all provide services on a patient at the same time.  This is a problem in SoftDent. Who entered what into the electronic chart.  Who took the radiograph, who recorded the treatment, who set the follow-up note, who updated the health history,  who recorded the examination, recorded the notes etc.?  The only way to address this currently is for the various providers to log-in and out of SoftDent every time they are going to record data in SoftDent. This is so inefficient as to be impractical.  SoftDent should be able to address for each appointment who the various care providers involved in the delivery of care were and who documented each piece of data.  We remain a paper digital hybrid practice because of SoftDent's inability to manage the issues of digital workflow.

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