Discussion created by bayarea on May 18, 2017
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Now that we are heading in the chartless direction, we are entering a lot of patient's medications. I have noticed that if one prescription field is entered there is no way to track it by forms of the drug. For example many patients take a statin, AKA  Atorvastatin, AKA simvastatin, AKA Crestor, AKA Zocor, AKA Lipitor... Without Googling each drug, each time I may not know that Tranxene is also Clorazepate (both entered in my system) and they are essentially the same thing.


When entering a prescription it would be great to have an alternative name section, so that when searching for any name in that list the main selection comes up.


Also, I noticed a drug someone had entered (Lorestartan) which was spelled wrong and could have actually been one of 2 REAL medications (Lovastatin or Losartan). There is no way to search the patient to whom this is linked to search out which medication the patient is actually taking.