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Treatment plan estimates

Question asked by jawdoc on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by staceyw

Hello! How are people verifying insurance benefits and calculating treatment plan estimates?  Are other offices still contacting insurance companies by phone?  We are enrolled with everification but have found that it only works with certain insurance companies and when it does work it is not providing all the information that we need to give accurate estimates.  We also check online benefits with the companies that offer that but find that we are still making a lot of phone calls to insurance companies.  We also manually calculate insurance benefits and estimated patient expense.  Is there a better way of doing treatment plan estimates?  We have not transitioned yet to the EMR Elite but hope to within the next year.  We are currently evaluating our office and looking for ways to eliminate paper for an easier transition.  We do not have all of our fee schedules entered into our system just our normal fee schedule.  If all the insurance company fee schedules are added in the system and updated yearly will the system automatically and accurately calculate the insurance due and patient due estimates including patient deductible and yearly maximum? We are looking for better ways of doing things.  Thanks!