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Submit Insurance Glitch for self pay patients

Question asked by vg2180 on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by pksaari79

We have had an ongoing issue in softdent with patients who were once on insurance and switch to self pay.  Once a patient no longer has insurance, we remove insurance info were applicable.  After checking out the patient the option to "submit insurance" pops up.  Whenever its ignored or unchecked it will continue to pop up every time the transactions screen is opened until you click it.  When it's clicked it does nothing.  There is no insurance claim in the "outstanding insurance" screen.  This is also an issue because it will not generate a statement for the patient when we do monthly statements, and if a statement is manually printed it shows a portion of the bill as "outstanding to insurance". 


It doesn't happen to every patient that switches from insurance to self pay but it happens to many.


We have Softdent v14.0.4