Insurance Claims

Discussion created by pksaari79 on Jun 11, 2017
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I check the status claims frequently, to make sure none have been paid and not deleted.  I also have our insurance coordinator check these and we both look at the e-claim status.  When we do, as we have one now, there are times the claim has been finalized due to max use of their benefits.  When a claim comes through, we delete that claim as it gets paid and keep them by scanning them under each date they get posted.  BUT I wonder, can we use the e-claim status as our EOB to get it off our books, so to say, and scan that....esp if it's marked they aren't paying.  We are not contracted but do we need to wait for THE EOB to tell us this....or is this a form of an EOB? softdentgirltshaw@danelle.canales