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Is there a quick way to set multiple appointments on treatment plan?

Question asked by ismailqazi on Jun 26, 2017
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Took me a while to get use to it, but i love R4+. My only qualm is adding appointments/charting. when adding treatment to the treament plan (ie marking caries then it pops up to type of fill to add) , it doesnt come under an appointment which i later have to set and drag it under. This takes a long time especially as the treatment is listed under names Sorted by colour (rz, bz etc for red/blue zone etc) of it in the diary and a very long list of items -ie treatment types: rz crown prep1,2,3, rz filling1,2,3 etc; by this time the receptionist is waiting and wondering what needs to get booked.

The main issue is the name of treatment under treatment type esp being a long list; i cannot just press first letters of the treatment and find it (press c and goes to crown), i have to press ie r or b (for bz or rz) then scroll through a long list. If if try type first few letters like 'rz c', it doesnt like it and will not find anything either


my question is, is there a way to automatically add an appointment based on whats treatment you clicked to do? Ie click caries and then filling then it automatically schedules a filling appointment on thr plan with a filling in it?


or is there a quicker way to schedule treatment under appointments or find treatment type i am missing?


thanks, any help much appreciated