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How to make referal to hospital items not chargeable at practice level with correct uda claimage

Question asked by ismailqazi on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by stephenskelton

Hi all

i having some issues with claims system. If i want to refer external it should be claiming only the uda and charging the patient only for what i do. 

When i click treatment refered or treatment on referal on plan, i get the correct udas, but the patients get charged the referal treatment band 2 instead of band 1. 


The other dentists here just dont mark anything to do on the plan that is being refered, but find that looks very unorganised and unless the notes are read in depth would look like there are caries left untreated or asymptomatic teeth present with large abcesses underneath never dealt with -when infact they had been refered to do.


is there anyway to mark the treatment that is to be refered to do on the plan without causing the band 2 charge and the correct uda claimage?