Feedback after WinOMS v9.0 update

Discussion created by omsnashville on Jul 14, 2017
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I want to start by thanking the Carestream team for the recent update to WinOMS. I know it was a big one and the build was no small effort, not to mention the support that followed. You clearly invested a lot in the feedback of actual practicing providers, and we are grateful. I've had new feedback about how clever and streamlined the new EMR is, and you are to be applauded for that.


I know it's fairly soon after the update to initiate a new list of "honey-do's", and I definitely don't want it to diminish our gratitude for the positive changes, but we have just added another doctor to our practice who offered some fresh perspective of features based on his last practice management software (Star Panel). I don't presume to know what is or isn't an easy enough fix to add to v9.1, so I'm sharing them now.


I'm not addressing glitches- strictly new wishlist items that I hope will generate some discussion. Carestream has already confirmed the intention to bring back tiled windows for better multi-tasking.


  1.  Full Screen Images - The preview screen is fantastic, but when we double-click to view any images larger, it would be fantastic if they just populated in full-screen view, rather than inside a new WinOMS window that consumes 1/3 of the screen with non-functional gray space. It would make for a much cleaner patient presentation screen, as well. This may be something that is remedied when using the Imaging software, but we presently are not using that module.
  2. Link to Stages from EMR side. Currently, most of the people who use Stages are working exclusively in the EMR tab, except for this item. Ideally, it might be added at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel.
  3. Ability to set the default office on the Encounter Slip to the service/posting office, rather than the office the patient is assigned to. All of our doctors travel among our 6 offices, and the patients often change offices, as well. Obviously, not every practice would prefer this setting, so perhaps something that could be adjusted in practice or charting preferences.
  4. Re-title an EMR note after it is completed. Sometimes things change mid-surgery, and it would be appropriate to re-title the EMR note to more accurately reflect was was rendered, rather than what was planned.