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Is there a way to merge duplicate employer information?

Question asked by sundberg101 on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by prcarter

Is there a way to merge duplicate employer information? I have noticed that my predecessor's seemed to add employers various ways. For instance city, county and state employees, instead of assigning their employer as  "Washington State", "Pierce County", or "City of Tacoma" they were listed as being employed by whatever department they work for within the state, county, or city (Dept of Health, Housing Authority, Police, Sheriff, etc...) even though there is only one insurance plans for each of these three jurisdictions. So as a result I have almost a hundred employers listed that could easily be narrowed down to three different ones (the city, county, or state). 

This issue has been replicated with responsible parties who are in the military or are retired military with their employer being the "branch of the military they served in  (Army-Retired, Air Force-Retired, US Navy, Coast Guard, US Coast Guard, and so on...) instead of just "US Military" or "US Military-Retired".