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SMS user guide and R4 Task scheduler

Question asked by chilling on Jul 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by liamrushton

Is there a users guide on the Carestream SMS service explaining:

1. What is the expected elapsed time from sending an SMS from R4 to the patient receiving the SMS (is this 24 hrs a day or are SMS's held over night?)

2. How often are return status reports created? (we appear to get two identical reports one about 02h30 and the second 14h00 each day - they tend to be identical apart from the 'invoice' number) 

3. Why do many of the SMS returned results have a message <ENTITY_ID> of 0?

4. Why does the R4 Task Scheduler service frequently stop when attempting to run the 'Check SMS Responses' task?

Thanks in advance

Christopher Hilling