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How to open two cot side by side

Question asked by ismailqazi on Jul 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by stuarttitmuss

Hi all

how do i go about opening two cots at the same time in r4 the following examples:

1- a private cot and an nhs one

2- a regulation 11 nhs one and a seperate nhs one


In example 1 i need to be able to transmit the nhs segment once done and then do the private so not to delay the nhs claim. Or there may be different clinicians at the practice doing private work which need to be sent off seperately.


In example 2 reg 11 work cannot have any other banded treatment with it, so needs a seperate cot for any other work the person needs. 


I have tried clicking the + button to open cot but as soon as there is a plan made it becomes greyed out. 



Thanks again in advance for the help