Appointment Tickets for OrthoTrac

Discussion created by sundberg101 on Aug 30, 2017
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We have been using the "Movie Ticket" style of appointment cards for 10+ years because that was the old practice owner picked at the time he switched over to OrthoTrac. This style prints the next appt info and has room on the bottom half to print a school/work excuse but requires a half-sheet sized piece of paper which we purchase through RRDonnelly (each sheet contains pre-printed information on the front/back). It is quite frustrating to know that a large amount of paper that is specially purchased is wasted when patients don't need a school/work excuse. Due to the amount of wasted paper we would never be interested in pursuing the Movie Ticket Label style of card. We even considered recycling the lower half of the ticket for another patient but OrthoTrac prints a short version of the next appt info on the lower half of the ticket even when a patient doesn't need a school/work excuse.

While doing some research today it came to my attention that there are other options in OrthoTrac for appointment cards and I have some questions about them. 

What do the business card appointment tickets look like? 

Has anyone ever done a cost comparison between the business card size appointment tickets vs Movie Ticket style?

If a patient wants a school/work excuse does it print out on a label/business card or does it print out on regular paper?

What are the odds of OrthoTrac creating an updated version of the  "movie ticket" style that uses a card that will fit in the the bypass/photo tray that most printers now have.