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Blue Sky Question for Softdent Future...

Question asked by socaldds89 on Aug 29, 2017
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I decided to pose a question to all users about how they see Softdent in the Future...In other words, what is most important to you?  IMO, part of the power of the software platform is also a weakness, that is the 25 different ways to access the data(maybe an exageration, but you get my drift)!


What is most important to you?


What is most important to me is:


A modern Scheduler!  I remember back in the "Olden Days"...v1.9.0.310 when there was a modern scheduler...Seemed like a vast improvement....then I heard v16 arrived, and everyone went back to the old (oops, not me)...Why avoid paper output when the display looks like Windows 3.1/95.  I like to monitor my progress in the schedule during the day,the FOS is scheduler centric, and a rookie can do basic tasks in that version.  The was the first of the sql foray by Softdent, and made the scheduler lightning fast, and quick to update!



A modern Charting Module:  Looks like with v17, this may finally be a reality...that we could treat patients using an electronic charting module that doesn't require full time keyboarding to scroll, find, use, and document for patients...a way to see almost all the useful info required to treat patient in one place!


Xrays and Progress notes and treatment plan, oh my!


Interoperability/Third Party Compatibility:  Modern practice(IMO) runs on the abilty to apply the "Platinum Rule" to your patients, which is "Do unto your patients, as they WANT done unto them!"  Automated reminders, etc no longer cut it!

Patients want to text message your office, in real time...they want to reserve an actual appointment time, online (with their smartphone no less).  You need them to review you on FB, Yelp, Google+, Healthgrades(6 months, new list?). Perhaps the "Hedgehog Principle" applies!  Jim Collins Excerpt "Good to Great"   It takes alot of compromises to use Softdent with 3rd party integration.


Be the very best at what you actually are, and let 3rd party vendors into the party (there is enough for everone!  We live in America!)





Attractive interface/But real modern computing underneith:  The program looks nicer as well!  What is behind the paint and wallpaper?  Is it still the Faircom licensing module?  Does it (that module) run as a service on your file server, or do you have to prop open the server and protect it with a screendoor (sorry Screensaver)?  Is this also SQL?  Is it the same enough for a power user, but easy enough for a new user?  




Maybe I'm rambling...but maybe I am the first to say what is really important to my Practice!  Let Softdent know what's important to you here!


Best to Softdent...Build us a product we can be PROUD of...not one we grudgingly use!