SoftDent and Office 2016 Compatibility Issue

Discussion created by tyson.edwards Employee on Sep 1, 2017
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Hello SoftDent Community,

Microsoft Office can automatically upgrade from Office 2013 to Office 2016. When this happens, SoftDent's Mail Merge / Data Export features encounter errors that cannot be bypassed so the feature becomes unusable.


We apologize for the impact this had had on your daily workflows. We weren't completely aware of the impact this would have on the application or we would have figured out something beforehand.


We want to be able to support your transition to Office 2016, and certainly do not want to require you to rollback from newer software.  In the meantime, a rollback is one way some customers have corrected the situation until we create a proper alternative. 


You can read others experiences here:





We will post any news below as it becomes available.




Thanks for being a SoftDent customer and trust that our developers are working right now to create a solution. 


juriz tyson.edwards