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Authorization issue

Question asked by ahmed.abdulhadi on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by simon.marston


we all know that there is four conditions in each appointment , ( waiting , in surgery , left surgery and complete ).

when the doctor inside the clinic press left surgery there is a small window pops up that helps the doctor if he wants to see that patient again , and when the receptionist presses complete there is another window pops up that shows all the doctors details about the next visit of that particular patient .


my problem is when the doctor finishes his part of entering the details about the next visit , the receptionist presses complete and press ( past into diary ) option , but when he chooses the day; the system shows an error that says ( this user is not authorized to past into diary ) , and it keeps showing it although i am signed in with the admin user .


please help me to define the error and solve it .


thanks .