Letter Posted in Same Day

Discussion created by karenecalefdmd on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by prcarter

When an image recorded the same day needs to be deleted, we are able to delete that visit.  However, when a letter is posted in error in the same day, I have not found a way to delete it.  Can there be a way to not have multiple letters posted in the same day if one if incorrect.  This comes up when we prepare a contract for a parent, then they let us know they have new insurance (copays) that changes the financial contract.   Or an extraction order is written to one doctor and the parent calls to say they want it sent to a different oral surgeon than we have on file for the patient. 

I use the review process before I confirm the letter, however there are exceptions that happen and I'd like to take multiple incorrect letters out of imaging documents,especially if they are within the same day.


Thank you for any tips!